About Us

Sonny started flying in 1956 in a Piper-Cub at Shippensburg Airport in Pennsylvania

After relocating to Arizona to work on the Glenn Canyon Dam in Page, his training continued in Cessna 140s.  During the next ten years, he became a commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor. During the 1970’s he flew sightseeing flights down into the Grand Canyon, when that was still legal to do.  And there was the aerial spraying of bugs along the little Colorado river.   By 1980 he was multi-engine and instrument rated, also a Glider instructor.

Sonny retired from the Kiewit Companies after 32 years of heavy construction, so that he could just fly airplanes and reside in Phoenix AZ.  He instructs mostly out of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, where he as been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for many years.

Having owned more than 20 airplanes over the years, his airshow flying, competition aerobatics and teaching in Pitts-Special aircraft was the most exciting of all.  Sonny started airshow flying in 1999 and retired from that particular part of his life in 2014.

After many years of being absent, Sonny has again started calling and teaching modern Western Square Dancing.  He currently calls for the Soaring Squares dance group in Black Canyon City, AZ, on Thursday evenings during the Winter months.